About Joseph


Meet the trainer

Joseph is an experienced young, and ambitious trainer, and one of the latest on the block having recently acquired his own training license. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Joseph certainly picked a challenging year to start up his own training yard.



The cessation in racing due to the Coronavirus lockdown bought Josephs promising start to a temporary halt, but his expertise and talent has shone through, with his first winner Clem A at Wolverhampton only 3 weeks after gaining his license in February 2020. He is on 10 winners and is operating at a 23% strike rate.

Joseph Parr Racing is of course, about winning, but equally as important, is the passion and the thrill of the sport. Joseph adopts a modern approach to training as well as his relationships with his owners by keeping them in the loop with regular updates and videos on their horse’s progress.

He is very particular about every aspect of the training regime giving specialist individual attention to each horse in his yard. Joseph has a small but experienced team. He believes that teamwork is the key to the success for all his horses in training. Each horse is treated as an individual and attention to detail is second to none. Amy Drummond has a key role in supporting Joseph, as she is responsible for all marketing, social and media relations, but she is also his girlfriend and has been instrumental in assisting and supporting him from the start. As well as managing his marketing, you will find Amy riding out too.